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Tangshan Xirun Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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Add:No.55, Ronghua West Street, High-tech Industrial Park, Tangshan

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Tangshan Xirun Science Technology Development

Date:2015-08-17 11:06:22
Tangshan Xirun Science Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in the famous city of Tangshan in 2015, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Located in Ronghua West Road 55, Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Tangshan City, it enjoys convenient transportation and currently has more than 85 employees. The company takes the core competitiveness of talent as a driving force of enterprise development, and more than 90% of the total employees have an educational background of above bachelor degree. With its business network spread over Hebei Province, the company has gradually extended its business to other provinces and cities nationwide. It provides quality service for many customers, wins the trust and praise of many enterprises, and gradually establishes a good brand image in Hebei Province.

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