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Date:2015-08-21 11:26:20

Tangshan Xirun Science Technology Development Co., Ltd. implements the concept of "the environment is the most scarce resource, and ecology is the most valuable asset", strengthens environmental protection foundation, pays equal attention to the source, process and the end, and strengthens capacity building, so the total pollutant emissions have been reduced each year, and environmental standards have been essentially improved.

In addition, it lays emphasis on policy research. By distinguishing and identifying new environmental risks, it develops effective measures, and maintains the law-abiding business's bottom line, to ensure the healthy development of enterprises.

Lubricant Company, SINOPEC CORP., will continue to vigorously promote cleaner production, launch activities of "blue sky"-themed environmental protection, and actively develop new process, new technology and new equipment characteristic of the lubricant industry, and strive to make a greater contribution.

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