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Energy Conservation

Date:2015-08-21 11:05:20

Tangshan Xirun Science Technology Development Co., Ltd. has always been implementing the scientific concept of development. In accordance with its own characteristics and environmental hazards of production factors, it emphasizes "energy saving", which is a task about policy, heavy responsibility, efficiency, development, establishes the HSE philosophy that "risk precautions can be possible, accidents can be avoided", and sticks to the management mode of integrating HSE system and specialization. In addition, it adheres to the HSE guideline of "people-oriented, business management according to law, clean production, health and safety", and sticks to the awareness of unexpected development "as if standing on the brink of a deep gulf and treading on thin ice". It constantly improves its system, standardizes its management, fulfills its responsibility, and reinforces the "three bases", thus achieving the "orderly, safe, clean and sustainable" development.

Strengthen basic management. It establishes international and domestic energy consumption index system of ton product and provides a basis for evaluation on "set good examples", "contend for compliance", and "supervise the less advanced".

Optimize structural adjustment. It strictly implements the relevant provisions of the state, further eliminates backward technology, as well as electrical and mechanical equipment of high-energy consumption.

Promote technological progress. It implements the optimization and blending of technical parameters and other energy-saving projects, and achieves expected effect.

Implement fine management, and consolidate the basis for the work of energy conservation. It carries out energy quota management and site management, and deepens fine management. By implementing rules of energy conservation in essence, it achieves energy conservation and emission reduction at the source.

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